[online class] how to solve the rubik's cube

Image of [online class] how to solve the rubik's cube

materials needed: 3 x 3 rubik's cube

learn how to solve the rubik's cube in 8 short videos or watch the full-length at your convenience. during shelter-in-place i learned how to solve the rubik's. cube and it has been one of the most purposeful uses of time and i want to share the language of this puzzle with you!

instead of using a screen all the time to pass the time, use the rubik's cube as a way to meaningful connect with yourself and fascinate others with your new understanding.

note to parents: you can do this with your child and/or learn to do it yourself! challenge one another on who can solve it the fastest :)

you will be given the password to the "member's only" part of my website where you have access to the content to successfully solve your very own rubik's cube.