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[note: this offering is for people interested in gifting 9 (or 10) copies of this book and/or leading/participating with one another in a book club or circle of people willing to dig into this work separately and then collectively.]

this is by far the most challenging book project i have ever created. in full transparency it has taken me five years to curate and what is inside these pages is my complete heart and soul. there is very little white space as each page from top to bottom has words for each reader to dive into. no one-liners. no short prose. 99% of the words in this volume have never been posted.

he was taught to be this way. is an exploration into the question of what it means to be a man. it unpacks and wrestles with masculinity while simultaneously explores insight and inquiry into why men do certain things consciously and unconsciously. having collected hundreds of questions and stories over the years, adrian michael beautifully arranged and bound this project into chapter themes using the king, warrior, magician, lover framework. he was taught to be this way. is an argument and an invitation for anyone interested in self-discovery and growth. it is highly encouraged to push back and be in conversation with what this book addresses within yourself and in community with others. there is no handbook or guide on how to be a man. may this book be the roadmap that serves as one.

163 pages.
10 copies of he was taught to be this way.